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Weekly/Bi-Weekly Service

Our Residential Services 

  A Great Maid Service begins with Great People!

We hire only the most qualified professional cleaners in the business. Once a candidate is selected, he or she must still undergo thorough background checks and extensive training before cleaning his or her first home or business establishment. Having the best people has allowed us to provide you with the best services.

Weekly/Bi- Weekly Services

Standard Cleaning Services shall include the following work:

All Rooms

Remove cobwebs,wipe and shine/dust all furniture , dining tables, chairs, credenzas,

telephone tables, bookshelves with or without glass doors, coat racks, umbrella stands,

pictures, telephones, lamps and other common things found in a house environment.

All furniture shall be free of dust, dirt, sticky surfaces, and sticky areas.

Removing trash to designated area as directed

Polishing all brass surfaces including door and window handles, plaques.

Dusting/wiping tops of tall furniture tops of picture frames.

Spot cleaning baseboards and walls.

Dusting window sills and blinds.

Cleaning shutters as required.

Vacuuming all rugs and carpets, runners, and carpet protectors and sofas so that they are free

from dust, dirt, mud, etc.

Vacuum all floor areas including damp mopping of areas such as Tile, Linoleum,

marble ,and Hardwood.


Thorough cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, mirrors, and shower facilities, using suitable

non-abrasive cleaners and disinfectants. All surfaces shall be free of grime, soap

scum, mold, and smudges.


Thorough cleaning of kitchens, sinks, counter tops and cupboards of spills, food, and dirt.,Outside of appliances

(microwaves inside and out),

Emptying all wastepaper baskets and washing or wiping them clean with a

damp cloth, replacing plastic wastepaper basket linings and returning items where they

were located.

Removing any grease marks or fingerprints from walls, doors, door frames, radiators,

windows and window frames, glass tables .

Dusting light fixtures

Any chairs, trash receptacles, and easily movable items shall

be moved to vacuum underneath, and then replaced in the original position.

Until today, we are continuing our tradition of excellence. Join the community of our satisfied clients who have chosen us for their house cleaning needs. Schedule your service today to enjoy not just a more beautiful home, but a cleaner and healthier one!

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